Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello World

I've never particularly been in favor of this whole "blog" thing. I didn't want to abuse cyberspace to talk about what exactly... myself? I guess I never found a reason for I, myself, to have one of these.

However, after posting several meals as my facebook status, I kept having people suggest I blog about the recipes I use as a way to share them - along with picture proof they actually exist and look edible. So here I am! I joke that someday I will have Kate's Kitchen, so this is my pre-cursor to that little number on the personal goals checklist.

I have a little cookbook that I like to make in "scrapbook" form and give as wedding presents so I'm taking that and putting it out for all to see. Welcome to Kate's Cure for the Common Cuisine. I hope that you will find this helpful when you want a change in your usual dinner combination. Cooking is not for everyone, I took it up as a way to relieve stress, which if you know me, happens to be my way of life. I've gone from cooking 1 -2 nights a week to cooking 4-6 nights a week and that is better for me than any anti-anxiety pill the doc could prescribe. It allows you to be creative as you get to know tastes, adding to already existing recipe measurements as you go. You can take out any aggression you may have as you chop the heck out of an onion or bell pepper. You feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when it's ready and you take that first bite to think "Yeah, I did good." See? Therapeutic.

I'll work on posting recipes as I make them, so I can include pictures. Bon appetite mon cheri!

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