Friday, October 21, 2011

Girls Night In - Lasagna Style

After a month of scheduling, the four of us were able to get together again for our girls night in (the kitchen). We've made homemade gnocchi mac n' cheese, hatch-chile enchiladas and this time around, we decided to use our creative powers to make individual lasagnas, tailored to our personal tastes.

Using whole wheat noodles, variety of cheeses and Greer's grandmother's homemade sauce recipe, we each added in our own personal fillings including sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, pancetta, chicken, spinach, basil and pesto. We snacked on roasted asparagus with balsamic tomatoes, poured wine and enjoyed another fun night cooking together. This one was a little bittersweet as we toasted to Greer's new adventures in another city but look forward to road trips for a hill country culinary weekend!

Each of us were different with all version turning out just the way we like it. We have Amy's traditional version with layered noodles, cheese blend of ricotta, asiago, parmesan, feta and mozzarella topped with some sliced chicken and the tomato sauce.

Then we have Meredith's version with layered noodles, cheese blend of ricotta, goat cheese and feta mix, sauteed mushrooms, chopped asparagus, topped with the tomato sauce with ground turkey and asiago cheese.

Here's Greer's version, inspired by something she saw on the food network. She used the sauteed pancetta and asparagus, mixing that into ricotta, fresh chopped spinach, parmesan and chopped basil to create her filling between the layered noodles. She topped with the tomato sauce, asiago, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, with a little basil.

I had to appease my indecisive nature by creating two types in a simple roll-up fashion. On one noodle I spread a creamy goat cheese/parm and pesto mixture, topped with Tuscan herb rotisserie chicken, rolled, then topped with tomato sauce and asiago cheese. On the other noodle, I used a ricotta/parm cheese mix, topped with spinach and pancetta, rolled, then topped with tomato sauce, asiago and a little mozzarella.

Full roll up recipe to come but here is a first glimpse. You can pick up these great little multi-purpose bakers at World Market for $3.99 to have your own individual lasagna or casserole night!

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