Monday, August 29, 2011

Remix: Hatch Chile and Chicken Enchiladas

Tis the season for hatch chile peppers! Last summer to observe this, we went to Amy's lake house and made these tasty enchiladas, replacing the poblano in the original recipe with the hatch peppers along with a few other adaptations. Now here we are again, one year later, putting our hands together to recreate this delicious dish. We had Meredith on the Guacamole, Amy on the Black Bean and Corn Salsa, and Greer chopping everything possible as she sat still due to a recent knee injury. In the back ground we had ABC's Bachelor Pad and Bravo's Most Eligible: Dallas to fulfill our quota of laughable, ridiculous, mind-numbing reality TV "entertainment" for the evening. We re-vamped the original recipe just a bit and will re-post some highlights for you here.

Grab a glass, pour some SkinnyGirl Margarita or Sangria and let's get started!! For the full recipe, click here, this post is just a recap. 
 Mixing the chicken and the spices

 Beginning phases of the sour cream and hatch chile sauce

 Greer chopping but taking a quick guacamole break

 Adding 1 cup of the sauce to chicken mix (original recipe said 3/4, we went big tonight)

 Enchiladas, rolled and ready: Snug as a bug in a rug.

 Topped with hatch chile sauce...

 And now the cheese...

Sprinkled with cilantro and scallions, baked until golden and bubbly!

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