Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fresh and Fabulous!

This weekend, my little supper club group travels down to Austin to visit Greer! Since her Dallas departure last fall, Meredith, Amy and myself have been conspiring a Hill-Country weekend getaway to visit and this weekend could not be more perfect. Unnaturally warm again, we are going to spend the last weekend of February in 70-degree weather, doing yoga in the park, visiting the Farmers Market, sipping tasty libations on a patio looking over the lake, and most importantly, cooking our little hearts out!

Many ideas floated around but we finally chose a theme: Fresh and Fabulous (hence the doctored photo above). We are going to Bess Bistro on Friday night to plan out our strategy but the initial concept will go a little something like this.
  • Each of us will choose 5 ingredients to get from the Farmers Market on Saturday. 
  • Those 5 ingredients will be combined with the others for 20 total. 
  • We will make 3 meals with those 20 ingredients, focusing on the fresh produce and local flavor. A literal farm-to-table weekend of meals! 
  • Common items such as garlic, herbs and spices are not considered in our 5 ingredients.
I can't wait to share the fun creations and full account of the weekend with my three favorite foodies who will hopefully do some guest blogging to share their dishes with you as well.

Tastefully yours,

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