Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gnocchi with Pesto and Simple Salmon

At a family birthday celebration a few weeks ago, my aunt and uncle introduced us to delicious gnocchi pasta tossed in pesto and served with salmon. Now their meal was much more elegant and beautiful, I just took their concept and simplified for a quick dinner tonight.

I cheated this meal and did not make anything from scratch. My crazy fall event season has started, so my ability to cook as much as I've been able to this summer is going to be slightly adapted to fit my schedule getting home past dinner times every night. So after meetings this evening, a quick meal is what I needed.

I bought the gnocchi from World Market, my second favorite store, the pre-made fresh pesto and salmon fillets from Whole Foods, my first favorite store, and used Worcestershire sauce and Herbs de Provence to season the salmon with. Simplicity. I adore...

This falls under one of my blog pretenses of "if you need a change in your usual dinner combination" - this is a fantastic dish to add to your rotation. Nothing challenging, nothing crazy, just a new addition and recommendation!

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