Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grilled Mango Ginger Habenero Glazed Salmon

If you want a low-fat, delicious and quick, healthy meal that you don't have to spend a lot of time or fuss over, here you go!

I decided to let my trusty Fischer and Wieser sauce do the work for me tonight, as I am just exhausted from the weekend of events for work. As much as I would love the challenge to create my own, I have piles of work at home with me to get through, so whipping up this delectable sauce is just not in the cards. I wanted to share with you my little secret for jazzing up a salmon fillet or chicken breast - Mango Ginger Habenero Sauce.

Fischer and Weisser are most notorious for their Raspberry Chipotle Sauce that is served over cream cheese with crackers. You can find their products at nearly any grocery store!

Simply spread about 1-2 tablespoon's worth over each piece of salmon, or chicken, and you can either bake it for 10 minutes, or grill it. Tonight, I grill! At my Tennis Kickoff event this past Friday night, I had an item in the silent auction that I've been coveting since it arrived as a donation from Barbecues Galore. I can't have a propane or coal grill at the apartment due to the pesky fire marshals writing people $3,000 tickets, so this is my solution, The EGrill. Luckily my momma came to volunteer at my event and found it within the goodness of her heart to keep bidding on it for me.... and of course because all proceeds went to Children's Medical Center!

So, I got myself a grill - the griddle is retired indefinitely. We used the new toy for some kabobs Saturday night, a chicken breast Sunday night, now Salmon tonight. It takes up a bit of room on my counter but nothing a little appliance shuffle couldn't accommodate.

I laid some aluminum foil down on top of the grill grate so that the juices didn't drip down on top of the totally awesome infrared grilling bulbs. At the same time, I fired up my handy dandy steamer that I got in the little town of Mabank at Walmart when at the lake with Greer and Amy in August. It was so simple to perfectly steam my asparagus!

Last, just boiled some quinoa and within a total of 20 minutes, a delicious and nutritious meal was ready.

Lessons from tonight's post:
Fischer and Wiesser products are delicious, try this one.
If you want to upgrade from the Griddle but don't have room or ability for a grill, get the E-Grill!
Get a steamer, they are amazing.

Happy to be able to share these little nuggets of helpful information with you!

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