Monday, September 20, 2010

Waldorf Salad

I decided to create my own version of Waldorf salad using apples, pears, goat cheese crumbles, brown sugar toasted walnuts, lettuce and a homemade dressing. Taking bits and pieces from my Cooking Light 30-Minute Meals book, I thought it would pair well with the Cider-Glazed Pork Chops.

Grocery List:
1/3 cup dried cherries or cranberries (I used cranberries)
1/4 apple cider
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 tablespoons honey
1 apple, cored and cut into small 1/2 inch pieces
1 pear, cored and cut into small 1/2 inch pieces
1/4 cup goat cheese crumbles
1/3 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar

First we combine the cranberries and 1/4 cup cider in a microwave-safe bowl.

Cover and microwave until cider starts to boil, approximately 1 minute. Let stand until the cranberries are soft and liquid is absorbed, about 5 minutes.

Chop up your apple and pear into bite-size bits.

(pretty pear)

Whisk mayonnaise, vinegar and honey together in the large bowl.

Melt butter and add brown sugar in a small saucepan. Add walnuts and roast for 8 minutes on medium high heat.

Toss apples, pears, walnuts with dressing.

Lay bed of greens and spoon the Waldorf mix atop the lettuce, topping with goat cheese crumbles.

The whole meal together:

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