Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meal Planning

I guess this was bound to happen, after 4 months of blogging, I would start to lose the gusto of posting daily. Actually, it's more that we are starting to repeat some of the recipes already posted which is a compliment that Max Man has enjoyed this experimental cooking and would like to have these meals over again.

After spending the last four days in Mexico, I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen to make some honest to God, great tasting food. One thing is for certain, you go to all-inclusive resort for the drinkies at the swim up bar and at the discoteca, not the food they serve. My favorite was the interpretation of Italian food and the Tex-Mex food at the different stations. Italian buffet had some coconut breaded chicken fingers, some pasta noodles without sauce anywhere to be found (to which I improvised with the creamed spinach) and a lasagna without cheese or sauce, just hamburger meet stuffed between layers of noodles. Then the Tex-Mex had steak, potatoes (which were rather tasty) and then guacamole tied it all together for that Tex-Mex feel. Needless to say, we didn't really eat that well while there, so it's time to make up for it.

I've come across some new, delicious, low calorie recipes for this week that I am looking forward to trying (and sharing with you).

On the menu tonight, we will serve up a Key West chicken at only 180 calories with green beans and a "from the box" cilantro-lime rice.

Thursday night will be a interesting twist, if you will, called a broccoli and chicken braid at only 420 calories, but a little carb heavy with the use of crescent roll bread. I'm considering substituting the broccoli for spinach and adding in some red bell pepper, but we'll see!

Friday night is a special night... Mr. Max's birthday!! We had a little romantic dinner on the beach to celebrate, but I'll be whipping up a dinner in his honor this Friday, starting with a hot crab dip appetizer (98 calories), pan-seared steaks with gorgonzola chive butter (480 calories), a garlic grilled parmesan zucchini (146 calories) and of course, mashed potatoes. A little heavier, but it's a special occassion! If I could make desserts, I would, but I just don't try at that - it hasn't been very successful in the past, so I'll let one of our favorite restaurants take care of that for me with their take-out service for something delicious like Creme Brulee, Tres Leches or an ooey gooey chocolate masterpiece.

I look forward to posting these for you!

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