Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gnocchi and Gnudi Cooking Class

Miss G and I recently bought Groupons and got into a Central Market Cooking class, Gnocchi and Gnudi this past Friday night. We had a blast learning how to make the delicious, pillowy potato and ricotta dumplings. On the menu for the night was Potato Gnocchi with tomatoes, basil and olives, semolina gnocchi with lamb ragu, herb gnocchi, sweet potato gnocchi with sage and prosciutto, and a ricotta gnudi with wild mushrooms and truffle sage.

This was the first time they taught the class so it was a learning experience for the chefs as well. Overall, both gnocchi and gnudi are rather difficult to make and very time consuming. I'm not sure if this is really something I'll be able to take away to make myself, hopefully at some point. In order to make them, I'll need to get a ricer as seen below to get the potatoes in prime form to make the gnocchi dough. This gets the potatoes into the size needed to blend with the other dough ingredients that you work into the dumplings.
Here are some pictures of our creations!

The delicious sweet potato gnocchi with fried sage and prosciutto, one of my favorites!

So good, this was the original potato gnocchi with tomato, basil and olives with Pecorino Romano, this was my absolute favorite.

Herbed gnocchi - we squeezed this out of an icing tube to give it this shape. Didn't care for this one as much, very doughy but it pictured well.

So glad these are not really pasta so that I didn't have to ruin lent so early on!

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