Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Planning

Happy Monday, foodie faithfuls! It's been over a week and my last post did not turn out to be very accurate - shame on me for poor forecasting. So here's the deal, the fire-roasted tomato soup and the spaghetti squash kale gratin will be along shortly for your reading and cooking pleasure but the rest experienced a bit of a hang up.

The grilled mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich didn't happen due to lethargy and time constraints, the two sweet treats were postponed to another bake date with Mamaw and the braised short ribs with polenta have been on hold because my grocery store has not had an order of these ribs in for over a week. I went for 4 days straight to get them, since I was assured that "tomorrow we will have them". However, this was not the case and by the fourth day, I may have somewhat, possibly, maaaybe given the butcher a little attitude so I'm staying away for a bit. Insert sheepish-accidental-cute face of guilt.

I'm meal planning right now on my lunch break, where I'm eating the leftover chicken curry that I made instead of the short ribs, a tasty favorite of Mr. Max and myself. This week, on top of the posts I have neglected to give you, I will also feature the following:

Meal 1: re-attempt the braised short ribs and cheesy polenta with breaded zucchini sticks
Meal 2: a fontina and prosciutto baked mac&cheese with herb chicken breast
Meal 3: oven-steamed salmon with a sweet & sour pepper sauce, and lemon-parsley couscous

I'm not locking them in a specific order, they will kinda depend on if my short ribs are available but that is one of the three, with an alternate of a butternut squash and chard manicotti (this will be in the near future if not this week).

I'm hoping to win my little cheese head tickets to see his Packers in action on Sunday at the SUPER BOWL here in Dallas, but compiling back up SB Watching Party recipes in case my attempts do not pan out - so here is my shout out to you foodie followers for help...

1) Help me increase my odds of winning by clicking on this link to the Save More coupon site that will be launching soon. They have been giving away 3 sets of 2 tickets daily and there are just a few days left! I'm up to 76 chances, fingers crossed! If you are a good soul that just wants to help but not receive the emails, just spam it :-)

2) What are some of your favorite party foods? In the event we do not win, I'd love to feature some of your favorites or any ideas next week! If I do win, perhaps I will use the $500 Visa card to do my first give away as a reward for your help - if we don't have to use it to afford parking at the stadium that is already up to $900...

Stay tuned!

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