Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meal Planning

This next week, I want to get back into the swing of things with healthier eating, last week went a little awry. I'm going to be cooking through some of my dog-eared pages of must-try's in the Cuisine Light Fresh-Flavorful-Healthy magazine.

Monday: Family Dinner, Tapas theme - Mr. Max is anxious to make a "fried" goat cheese, and I still really want to make "fried" zucchini sticks so I think those will be our contributions.

Tuesday: I have a Roasted Marinated Peppers recipe that I would like to try for 37 calories per serving and serve with a poached halibut and wilted spinach for 305 calories per serving.

Wednesday: Dinner at home is up in the air on this night but in the event it's needed, I will plan to make Squash and Chard Enchiladas - the original recipe is a manicotti, but I'm using tortillas rather than pasta shells. I wanted to get in another butternut squash recipe before spring was fully underway and this one uses chopped swiss chard which we've never tried, the delicious gruyere, and calls for minced sage but I'd like to "fry it" up like we did in the gnocchi cooking school and create an amazing little crisp leaf. We'll serve with a simple salad for a 294 calorie meal.

Throwback Thursday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps, after making these last year, I swore I didn't need Pei Wei anymore and that has held true.

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  1. The Chicken wraps looks so yummy. Im sure that it tastes great.


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